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Understanding Database relations of Liferay 7 Assets

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  • The blogs data will be stored here

  • When a new blog is created all the information related to the blogentry and blog data is stored in this table


  • The actions of the user who visited the blog will be stored here

  • Example : view / comments/ likes / rating.. Etc.,



  • Bookmarks will store a website url.
  • Liferay bookmarks can be scoped Global or Site level.

  • Bookmarks will also store the bookmark folder info , created date , created user name etc.,

  • Bookmarks are restrictable by using Liferay permissions (RBAC)

  • Bookmarkentry table is used to store all Liferay bookmark entries.


  • The folder the url resides

  • It will also give the details of the root folder and its permission id’s

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