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Understanding Database relations of Liferay 7 Assets Entries

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Assets Entries


  • It will store the information of the categories with different site scopes

  • It maintains the hierarchy relationship of the categories

  • It will also store the values of vocabularies ( under which multiple categories can be added)


  • It stores only the relation between assetentries & assetcategories


  • It stores only the relation between assetentries & assettags


  • All asset will be stored

  • classPK is the primary key of specific asset

  • (ex: if asset is document then dl file entry will be classpk)


  • It will store the value of tags of assets

  • The schema will be similar to assetcategories


  • It will store the values of vocabulary id’s with respect to site specific

  • By default Topic vocabulary will be stored from liferay


  • All asset subscriptions are stored in this table where each asset can be recognized by class name

  • Here classname will be the fully qualified class name of asset

  • Ex: com.liferay.portal.model.User


  • Every asset qualified class name will be stored in this table

  • By using this table liferay can get class name id & class name

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