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Understanding Database relations of Liferay 7 Document & Media

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Document & Media


  • It stores all document and media files data

  • It has its parent folder information , created dates, modified daes, repositoryID, fileEntryTypeId.

  • We can also store external repository.

  • When no external repository is used, then repositoryId will be groupId

  • It also provides the information of size of the document , read count, extension of document, mime type. file entry id, smallimageid, largeimageid, customimageid, etc.,

  • here , title specifies the  title of the document , whereas, name specifies folder of the document.

  • “treePath” column has been added from Liferay 6.2 version, with this searching document hierarchy would become more easy.


  • This table consists of information about file association with Document Type

  • Each file might associated with a different Document type and relation will be maintained here.


  • By default Liferay documents are associated with a type called “Basic”

  • Liferay allows to create custom document types by setting up with required fields.

  • Custom document type information will be stored in this table.


  • Updating any file in Liferay will leads to create a new version.

  • Each version will be stored as individual file in file system

  • This table maintains all versions of fileentry


  • User can create a shortcut to file entry.

  • It’s a logical link of a file, file system doesn’t have this info.

  • From lportal table shortcuts would be pointed to original fileEntry.


  • This table maintains about tile rank.

  • Ranks can be defined from portal property (Max file rank version)

    • dl.file.rank.max.size=5

  • For performance perspective mostly this feature will be disabled. This can be manged with below property

    • dl.file.rank.enabled=true

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