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Understanding Database Relations of Liferay 6.1.2

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Liferay Communities

  • Liferay has 3 different ways of site types with different codes/constants.
  • All Organization Sites would be by default “Private” type. I.e, Users of these will be managed by Site Administrator or Moderator.
  • Each type represents a different  behavior
    • Private: Only Site Administrator or Moderator will assign the user to site
    • Restricted: User can request for site assignment and Moderator or Site Administrator will Accept/Reject the request.
      • User will not see any of the Site Assets until site assignment Accepted.
    • Open: User can manage himself to join or leave this type of Communities in Liferay.
    • Each community row in group_ will be tagging this “type_” to identify community type by Liferay.


Following are the site related db tables


  • Created site will be stored in the group_  table
  • Type_=1|2|3
    • Restricted=2
    • Private=3
    • open=1
  •  Site=0 Site is in Inactive (not available), will not be displayed in the Dockbar and scope


  •  The relation between sites and orgs will be available in the groups_orgs table


  •  Created teams will be available in team table by based on site wise


  •   Relation between site and permission will be stored in the group_permission


  • Relation between sites and roles will be stored in the groups_roles


The relation between the sites and the associated User Groups


  • The list of hosts are stored in the Virtualhost (ex: alliance1.com, hq.alliance1.com)

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