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Overriding Core JSP file using Liferay 7 Hook

Updated today

There are few scenarios that you might want to modify the JSPs to override which are no longer in Liferay’s core and you can do core JSP customization...

Liferay OneLogin & SAML Integration

Updated 5 days ago

OneLogin ConfigurationCreate an app connector in OneLoginAccess OneLogin. Go to Apps > Add Apps. Search for SAML Test Connector. Select the

Enable CORS for JAVA API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) in Liferay 7.X

Updated 5 days ago

To enable cross domain access for JAX-RS services, we need to create filter which implements ContainerResponseFilter and then we also need to add Cont...

How to enable CORS in Liferay 7

Updated 5 days ago

In this Article we will learn how to enable Liferay Cross Domain Access. Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows restricted re...

How to Override Taglib (Core JSP) in Liferay 7.X

Updated 5 days ago

In this article we will discuss how to override Taglib (Core JSP) using Custom JSP Bag in Liferay 7.X.Steps to follow: Include a class by creat...

Custom Finders using Service builder - Liferay 6.2 / 7.X

Updated 5 days ago

Liferay creates finders from service builder, in this Article we are discussing how to create custom finders in liferay 6.2/7.This article also foc...

How to Implement Spring Rest services in Liferay 6.1

Updated 5 days ago

In liferay 6.1, we know that all services will be generated from Service Builder but in some scenarios we may need to enable services as REST using Sp...

Liferay DXP - Service Builder Custom Queries

Updated 5 days ago

OverviewLiferay provides Service Builder modules to implement our own persistence layer. In fact it is very reliable persistence business logic f...

Understanding Database relations of Liferay 7 Document & Media

Updated 5 days ago

Document & MediaDlfileentry It stores all document and media files data It has its parent folder information , created dates, modified da...

Understanding Database relations of Liferay 7 Assets

Updated 5 days ago

BlogsBlogsentry The blogs data will be stored here When a new blog is created all the information related to the blogentry and blog data i...